The Solaqua Foundation

The Solaqua Foundation promotes access to safe drinking water for underprivileged people. In geographical terms, activities are concentrated on the Himalayas region, with Nepal the main country of focus. 

Focus on water quality

Solaqua applies a targeted approach to championing safe drinking water and attaches particular importance to helping bring about sustainable improvements. One key theme concerns household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS). This includes the distribution of simple and affordable treatment methods such as filters, chlorination or disinfection by sunlight (SODIS = solar water disinfection). Since it is often easier to change children's behaviour than that of adults, Solaqua also works with schools. And since water quality is affected by hygiene conditions, Solaqua aims to realise sustainable improvements in this area, too.

Concentrated activities

If work is to be not only effective, but sustainable as well, being familiar with the people and initiatives on the ground is indispensable, and something which is only possible to a limited extent in many countries. This is why Solaqua's projects are concentrated on the Himalayas region, with Nepal – one of the poorest countries in the world – the main country of focus. Water is often available in abundance but not necessarily safe to drink. It may be drawn from unsafe sources, for example, or may become contaminated due to poor hygiene and incorrect storage. Contaminated water can cause illnesses such as diarrhoea, which is particularly dangerous for small children and adults already in poor health.

Measurable objective

Solaqua's concrete goal for the next five years is: “The Solaqua Foundation will secure long-term access to safe drinking water for 50,000 people in disadvantaged areas of the Himalayas region by 2020.”

Charitable foundation

Solaqua is recognised as an independent charitable foundation based in St. Gallen. It was founded in 2001 under the terms of Article 80ff of the Swiss Civil Code. All activities aimed at achieving economic gain are excluded. The foundation is subject to the foundation supervisory authority of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.