Milestones achieved

Milestones achieved 2001–2014


The foundation has posted a number of successes since its inception:

  • 2005: the high-ranking politician Rahul Gandhi visits a Solaqua project in South India
  • 2009: the SODIS method is promoted in school books throughout Nepal thanks to the Solaqua project
  • 2010: a local partner organisation in Pakistan trains hundreds of local health advocates, who can in turn educate local communities on drinking-water issues
  • 2012: the Fundación SODIS, supported by Solaqua in Latin America, receives the “Water for Life Award” from the UN
  • 2012 to 2014: in India, two market-based projects with chlorine tablets and chlorine solutions lead to a new business model and thousands of products sold 


Repositioning in 2014


Prior to 2014, Solaqua operated projects in a number of countries. In order to increase the efficiency of the resources available to it, the foundation decided to reposition its strategy to focus on the Himalayas region, with Nepal the main country of focus. This ensures a more in-depth connection with local populations.


The sustainability of the projects it supports is particularly important to Solaqua. Projects are planned and implemented with local partners over a number of years in such a way that the positive changes achieved will last over the long term.